Jasmine Zambrana. Age: 18. NGC. SCSU! Level 10. Senior in High School.

b-ehati-deactivated20130728 whispered, "Hey I wanted to ask you a question about the Onodi. I saw a video of you doing one on beam, and I've been wanting to learn one on floor. I've had my back handspring for six years, but I've been doing gymnastics on and off during then, so I haven't totally advanced past it except for tucks. A few things I've read said you should have your arabian or full, but is it possible to learn an onodi without that?"

HEY! I’m so sorry if you sent this awhile ago and I’m answering now, but anyways you don’t necessarily need an arabian because my arabian is less than graceful, i have never been able to do one normally. I think onodi is extremely different than twisting in all aspects. It really comes down to your technique. attempting an onodi might be slightly easier if you had twisted, in the sense of fear, but other than that get your technique for it down and I think you’ll be alright:) let me know how it goes!!  

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Anonymous whispered, "did you have states this weekend?"

nope, i didn’t.

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Anonymous whispered, "How come youre posts are all about you!!? you never reblog other gymnastics stuff"

*your .

Anon, I made this tumblr to give to colleges to be recruited ..so they can see all my videos, pictures & links. Then other people started following it, Originally I hadn’t planned on keeping it, but I have a good amount of followers so I’m going to. If it bothers you, sorry i guess? 

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Anonymous whispered, "You never post anymore!!!"

I just posted things today, I’ve been slightly preoccupied. Sorry though.

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danieltsinis whispered, "are you planning on doing college gymnastics?"

Yes I do, I am verbally committed to Southern Connecticut State.

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Easter Nationals. 

Easter Nationals. 

Anonymous whispered, "how many followers do you have?"

97, pourquoi anon? 

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